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Great interior space has extraordinary effects on our wellness and productivity. Fahmy’s design solutions use space, color, materials, energy and light as tools to create healthy environments that enhance performance.

We design interior spaces that improve collaboration, inspire occupants and attract the best end-users.

Fahmy interior design teams study a client’s business drivers , culture requirements to create a space that helps them to flourish.

Our professional designer’s team offers a comprehensive CAD service which enables our client to visualize the space available and it’s utility. We also offer a special render photorealistic image which articulates the client’s requirements in details with the company image, color and theme, culture and identity all integrated in the floor plan of offices, domestic (residential) and hospitality. The design team can achieves a very comprehensive and versatile concept that perfectly fits any architectural design, therefore an unquestionable proof of the many prestigious references and projects we have executed over the past many years.

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