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At Fahmy Furniture, we provide top quality bedroom furniture with fine quality beds and Raha mattresses from Fahmy Furniture. We have a great selection of affordable, high quality Raha mattresses, beds, bedroom sets and more to enhance your bedroom furniture collection. Furniture shopping is a very important part of your home living experience. At Fahmy Furniture, we are Oman's largest retailer of quality bedroom furniture. We feature beds and mattresses by Raha from our sister company Poly products and many more global brands.

Wide range of our Bedroom Furniture selections such as.
  • Bedroom Sets
  • Beds
  • Benches & Bed Stools
  • Daybeds
  • Designer Sink Cabinets & Accessories
  • Dressers & Mirrors
  • Raha Mattress & Boxspring
  • Mirrors
  • Nightstands
  • Vanities
  • Wall Screens
  • All other Bedroom Furniture
Choosing Your Bedroom Furniture

If you need help choosing your bedroom furniture, please contact one of our sales representatives at Fahmy Furniture. We'll put our years of experience to work for you and help you find the perfect bedroom furniture. Furniture has been made from a vast assortment of materials and ornamented by many methods, the most common being inlaying, painting or gilding, wood carving, veneering and marquetry.

There are a very large number of special themes from which you can choose for bedroom decorating. When you're decorating a bedroom, you also need to think about the amount of space you have to work with. Measure your space, and then come up with the theme or style that you like best. Getting your room looking like it should does not require a huge investment of money. Try rearranging your furniture, and adding a couple of extra pieces. You can also get some green plants to liven up the room. An alternative would be to add a vase or two and plan to get flowers at the grocery store every week. Two other inexpensive quick fixes are area rugs and throw pillows.

Don't confuse bed sizes with bed styles – "bed styles" usually refers to the headboard and footboard. We have many bedroom furniture styles to complement your bedroom and give it a unique look that really defines you. The color, size and style of your bed must go with the theme of your bedroom, since the bed is the most prominent piece of furniture in the room.

Twin, Queen, King, and the increasingly popular and are the most common bed sizes. We offer all the standard bed sizes. For extra versatility, (and if you have the floor space) use two Twin beds separately in your guest room when you have singles over, and push them together if you want to make a King bed for couples.

Kid's Beds

Give your child the bed they have always wanted with our huge selection of children's beds. at Fahmy Furniture we have every style and make that is popular today, including bunk beds made out of both metal and wood, canopy beds for that classic look, race car and other themed beds for the special kid in your life as well as captain's beds for maximum storage as well as dozens of other types of beds. And best of all, all of our children's beds are priced to move, so you won't have to waste time shopping around. Give your child a bed they will remember forever with our giant selection of children's beds! Check out our Furniture Tips Pages for additional bedroom decorating ideas.


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